5 Dishes You Would Love To Have On This Weekend

After a long and hectic five days of work, all you need is some mouth-watering food to awaken your senses.On weekends, you have time to sit, relax and enjoy your favourite food. Here are 5 dishes for you to try out this weekend!

1. Thick or thin crust pizza

Eating vegetables soaked with a warm cheesy crust is something you would not like to miss. There’s something mysterious about pizza that makes it a favourite of almost everyone! There are available in a variety of styles to suit your taste buds. The only question remains whether to have a thick crust or a thin one.

A thin crust pizza offers many toppings to choose from while a thick crust doesn’t offer much choice in the toppings department. Dominos makes pizza in both forms. So catch up with your friends this weekend over a couple of pizzas and reduce your bill with a scheme like dominos coupons available exclusively at CashKaro.

2. Italian Risotto

If you are an Italian food lover, you can’t miss out on this dish! It’s a popular Northern Italian food staple. Italian Risotto is a rice dish cooked to a cream consistency. Since it’s a light dish, it is served before the main course. There are various risotto dishes but the most famous one is Risotto Alla Milanese.

If you want to prepare it on your own, you can browse through the top recipes available on net. It requires a less preparation time and the ingredients are easily available. You can also visit an Italian restaurant to have this dish in a typical Italian ambiance and enjoy it from the hands of an experienced chef.

3. Indian food platter

I’m talking about a mix of North Indian, South Indian and West Indian food platter. Doesn’t that sounds like heaven served on a plate?Indian food is known for its exotic ingredients and surprising flavours. With North Indian food, you are reminded of Butter chicken and dal makhani. With South Indian food, you are reminded of idli sambhar and dosa.

With West Indian food, you are reminded of dhoklas and theplas. Even reading their names is making your mouth water! Imagine what a roller coaster ride you will have if you had all of these at this weekend! To make it easier, CashKaro has tempting foodpanda coupons to satisfy your taste buds at a lesser cost.

4. Scrumptious strawberry cake

It has been aptly quoted that “Dessert is like a feel good song and the best ones make you dance.” For the strawberry lovers, it has to be a delicious strawberry cake.Its preparation time will vary according to the ingredients you need and add to it the decoration time.If you don’t want to bake, simply visit your favourite bakery.

5. Sausage puffs

If your ideal Sunday morning involves lazing around in bed, reading a book and spending the shortest time in kitchen, you must indulge in sausage puffs this weekend. They can be prepared just with a minimum of four ingredients and taste wonderful. Also since they reheat well, you can make a good batch of them and have them for your next morning too.

Hope you have a great weekend loaded with these yummy food dishes! Check out this Tamil Food Recipes app for your Android phone.

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