A Pizza Was Never This Healthy Before!

There can be no man on this planet that has never had a pizza. Being one of the most popular foods in the world, a pizza comes in a large variety ranging from its various flavours, toppings, fillings, sizes and shapes. One eats a pizza like a regular meal each day not even knowing that it can be healthy for you.

Even though a pizza is considered to be a part of the junk food family but, there is much more to it that you do not know about. If you like the idea of adding health to your pizza too, there are just a few things that you need to keep in mind to make this happen.

What You Must Know About Pizzas

As pizza is thought of as junk food, a lot of people are not familiar with the benefits that it comprises of. Not realizing that a pizza helps lower your chances of getting colon cancer up to twenty five per cent while it helps lower the chances of esophageal cancer till about fifty nine per cent.

Moreover, it helps prevent oral cancer too for about thirty four percent. So why call it junk food when it is so full of health?

The Tomato Sauce:

Starting off by selecting a pizza of your own choice, the first thing that will pop up in your mind is the selection of toppings that you would want on your order. You may have mushrooms, sausages, pepperoni, onions or various cheese toppings grilling in your mind along with many others. Not forgetting the most vital part of a typical pizza, the tomato and its sauce is what actually brings up the better flavour of a pizza. Other exceptional offerings such as a white pizza or Margherita pizza may not include this basic ingredient but all other types of pizzas rely on this major component.

Have you ever paid attention to the benefits of a tomato lately? If not, then consider going over them now. Did you know that a healthy fruit like tomato is rich in Vitamin C that helps boost the immune system of the body, it contains an antioxidant that helps fight cancer and is full of lycopene?

Moreover, since a complete sauce of tomatoes is added in a pizza, it does not only consist of tomatoes but other essential ingredients as well that carry their health benefits along with the tomatoes’. For instance, olive oil is used in most tomato sauces which helps transform the unhealthy fat into fat oils that provide you with energy and maintain your cholesterol level low, as well. Similarly, herbs such as oregano and basil provide the body with Vitamin K and contain a high fibre quantity that helps the blood to coagulate better. Lastly, the garlic added in the sauce adds up to more cancer fighting benefits along with Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.

What Toppings To Choose From?

Now coming down to the toppings section, you all must have your own favourites already and most of you will not be willing to change their toppings at all. But, in order to maintain your health, there is just a little that you must do to prioritize your health over everything else. It is not a difficult choice to make but you must remember that adding vegetable toppings on your pizza can be as good as all the other kinds of fancy toppings.

When choosing healthy toppings for your pizza, you can choose from a large range of green vegetable that include: green peppers, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus and corn. All of these options are super healthy as they contain a high rate of health for you without tasting any different from all of the other meaty pizzas.

The era of a pizza’s vegetable toppings do not end here. Going for exclusive add-ons such as olives or various types of peppers or even onions can bring health to your pizza too. If you are a salty person, you can also try the combination of your pizza with pitted olives added on top of it instead of the olive oil as this will be healthy for you too. Moreover, the onions and the garlic can be combined together as well with the cheese to bring flavour and health both at the same time.

Or, choose from the low fat cheese zone where you can get Parmesan cheese, mozzarella cheese or the feta cheese. You can choose the one that you like best because we know how important cheese is for a pizza. Therefore, the only way to make a cheesy pizza healthy is by adding low fat cheese instead of the regular cheese.

With all these suggestions, you can now enjoy your pizza and health at the same time now!

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